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Fabris: From the editor's desk

When you work at The Daily Orange, it’s hard not to get caught up in the past. The history is on the walls, from the filing cabinet that management teams sign to the ducks that wallpaper the office. You can’t escape it.

Cooper: From the editor's desk

For more than a century, The Daily Orange has been a model of strong college journalism, publishing stories that have stood the test of time and are still discussed in the office.

We strive to tell equally poignant stories today, but we now must tell them in more mediums than ever.



Design firm Upstatement redesigns D.O. website

By Chelsea DeBaise

Feature editor

In the eyes of Upstatement, college newspapers are no less valued than professional publications.

An in-depth look at the chancellor's leadership style

By Marwa Eltagouri

News editor


'The biggest story of the decade': Staffers recount the day the Fine scandal broke and what followed

By Debbie Truong
Managing Editor
When a former Daily Orange staff writer sent Meghin Delaney a Twitter message saying a men's basketball coach was being accused of sexual abuse, she responded with a mix of shock and denial, unsure of what would unfold next.
"I literally thought he was joking because of what happened at Penn State," she said, referring to child-sex-abuse allegations against a former assistant football coach that had rocked State College two weeks earlier.


Binding history: Committee looks for new ways to preserve paper's archives

By Meghin Delaney
Editorial Editor
The attic of 744 Ostrom holds some of the most valuable memories for The Daily Orange — its archives.
The paper's board of directors created a committee last summer to find new and better ways to preserve this priceless history. The board is still considering its options, although some progress has been made.
When Brooke Williams, the student general manager, came across the archives, they were in disarray.


Howard: Alumni support preserves paper's legacy, ensures future

By Rob Howard
Winter 2010

In many ways, The Daily Orange is much more than a newspaper. It's an organization that provides students a real-world outlet to cut their teeth in journalism, advertising, art and design. It's the only publication on campus with the reach and authority to make student work truly matter to the community. And it's a place where we've all built friendships and gained experience that has profoundly improved our lives and careers.


Davies: Treasures prompt staff to reconnect

By Brittney Davies Winter 2010 Pounding echoed through the halls of 744 Ostrom Ave. during production of the 2010 Graduation Guide. Fresh from Faegan's, the outgoing editor-in-chief and an assistant photo editor tested screwdrivers and whatever other tools they could find. Their minds were made up: The management office filing cabinet would open that night. Since Bob Heisler and The Daily Orange's independent rebirth, management teams ended their terms by signing the filing cabinet's exterior. With its key lost in the turnover of D.O.

McInerney: From the editor's desk

By Katie McInerney Winter 2010 I spend most of my time in a single office furnished with a broken filing cabinet, a dirty plaid couch and computers from the turn of the millennium — not glamorous by any means. But the office has one redeeming factor: I'm surrounded by caricatures of former editors and their memories — these are, of course, the famed ducks. I consider these ducks my biggest motivation. The names I recognize from old mastheads and bylines from publications across the world show me why I devote all my time to this paper.